Play as Lumote, a soft creature in a hard place. Take control from the Mastermote whose light has infected everything it can. Every time you claim a section of the world, Lumote power will be left behind marking your progress forwards.

Jump and possess your way down to the Mastermote. Possession allows you to take control of the world and the Motes that live in it.

Lumote vs Mastermote
The lightwires are the veins of the world and whoever controls them controls everything. Send your power through the lightwires to fully turn the Motes to your side. Manipulate Mastermote power to your advantage. Reach the gates to claim the room behind you and shatter the seal on the next Mastermote room.

The Motes
Many different Motes spread across the world each with their own unique abilities that change depending on whether Lumote or Mastermote is controlling them. Take possession and use their abilities to your advantage. Master their abilities and how the interact to fully navigate the world.

Lumote News

Modularizing Lumote Part 2: Reassembly

So in Modularizing Lumote Part 1 I covered our reasoning as to why we decided to break the world down into smaller pieces. In part 2, I'm going to cover what the breakdown looked like how the world assembly system works. Breakdown As was discussed in the previous...

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And We’re Back… Again!

We’re alive and with all new stuff to show off to boot! Since we last posted we’ve done a big overhaul of the game both visually and mechanically. Visually we’ve replace all of our cubes or at least added living creatures protected by the crystal shells. Lumote...

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