Lumote is 3D puzzle platformer that challenges you to overcome your fear of what lurks in the shadows. Perseverance is rewarded with a deep sense of wonder that comes from the exploration of an unfamiliar world. Master your light to solve puzzles by manipulating the world’s inhabitants, the Motes.


Play as a living crystal, Lumote, who emits bursts of light to explore the darkness. But be careful as your light awakens those that slumber in the dark.

Puzzle Solving
All puzzles in Lumote use a combination of techniques. Starting with a safe and peaceful environment to learn the new mechanics, then test your mastery in bursts of frantic gameplay.

Explore the Darkness
Push through the darkness and light up the world. As you awaken the world you leave it lit up behind you to show your progress, while uncertainty and darkness lay ahead.

Manipulate other Motes
Lumote must be wary while exploring, as the world wakes up so to dangerous motes. Posses enemies and use their abilities to your benefit. Navigate the world using the creatures that want to take your light.

Lumote News

Trial by fire: Marketing

I’ll be the first one to admit we’re not the most savvy at marketing and social media. We prefer putting our heads down and working on the game to self promoting. Which is really one of our downfalls as any dev will tell you that marketing yourself is key... read more

How to stop player suicide

As we’ve had more people play Lumote, we’ve discovered that our puzzles were forcing players into committing suicide in order to progress. The nature of Lumote’s open-air level design means that it’s easy to lose a moving piece and puzzles are only reset... read more