Luminawesome Games
Based in Vancouver, BC

Release date:
June 2018


Press / Business contact:

Twitter: @luminawesome
Facebook: @luminawesome


Lumote is a game about two opposing powers; Lumote, represented by blue energy and the Mastermote, whose energy is red. These two characters are locked in a battle for control of the world. In this 3D puzzle platformer you play as Lumote, who is equipped with the abilities to jump and to possess. Possession allows you to take control of the world’s inhabitants, the Motes, and use their abilities to solve puzzles and aid your progress through the world. Depending on who's energy controls a Mote, their behaviour will either help or hinder Lumote’s journey to take control of the world away from the Mastermote.

Lumote is a single player 3D puzzle platformer. First time players will be introduced to a 4 hour experience that will have them traversing downward through 3 biomes of increasingly difficult puzzles which are connected through a central hub. Many different Motes are spread across the world, each with their own unique abilities that change depending on whether Lumote or the Mastermote is powering them. Taking possession of a Mote allows the player to use the motes ability to their advantage. Mastery of each Mote’s abilities and how they interact with each other is required to complete the game. Completion of each biome unlocks a section of the hub allowing access to the next biome, with each step taking the player closer to the finale with the Mastermote.

Lumote uses a non-verbal narrative, as players progress through the world they gain narrative insight through the visuals, music and gameplay. From the beginning of the game players can see the entire world and how it’s firmly under the control of the Mastermote’s red power. As players progress through the world, they overthrow the Mastermote’s red power by solving increasingly difficult puzzles. This leaves a trail of Lumote’s blue power, giving the player a sense of visual accomplishment and encouraging them to continue. Each biome has its own distinct visuals and set of gameplay mechanics. The first biome is full of soft inviting plant-like shapes while the later biomes become more jagged and progressively feel more isolating and hostile.


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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Kyle Rocha
Artist, Programmer

Michelle Rocha
Designer, Programmer

Arn Arndt

Paul Ruskay

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